Anyone need a music teacher?

Another reason for my website is to connect with those that are interested in learning a stringed instrument.  I teach Violin and Viola at the intermediate and advanced levels, and can teacher Cello and Bass at the beginning to intermediate level. But like I told someone on the phone the other day,…

I can be a coach at all levels of string-playing because I can offer wisdom as a conservatory-trained musician that has battled all sorts of musical challenges in the practice room.  I offer music advice and tips that come from the top music professionals.  Lastly, I will also be your biggest cheerleader as you embark on a musical journey that, speaking from experience, is so challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time.

If you are interested in music lessons, visit my music lessons page for rate and contact information.

For more information about the music conservatory I attended – visit –



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